About Me

Welcome to Being Devil – A Blog that is dedicated to helping people in the field of Stock Market, Crypto Currencies, Forex as well as Tech World.

In the Markets page I will try to give as much as information which I have learnt from my 10+ years of Trading Career. But Beware that Stock market and Forex is a Risky Business and if you are not careful you can lose money. This is not a gambling or shortcut way to get rich. Patience, Perseverance and Controlling over emotions are the only ways to succeed.

In the technology page I will write about new advancements in technology and many new spheres in the tech world.

Who Am I??

My name is Rangan Guha. I am the CEO & Managing Director of Rangan Technologies Group of Companies. This company of mine specializes in providing technical services to Clients Across the Globe. Airvoice Telecom is one of our products which has done well in the Middle East. We also are in the business of Perfume manufacture as well as Import Export of Food Products and construction materials. And then We have our Educational Institute in West Bengal India which nurtures students from various Schools as well as Job Aspirants.

We had begin our journey in 2012. Right now We have offices in India, UAE and USA.

I stay in Dubai, UAE. But I originally I belong from Durgapur City in West Bengal India.

Writing was always my passion since childhood but I never took it seriously. But after starting my business I had slowly moved out of this passion because of the constant pressure my job demanded. I am an active trader in forex and stock market since last 10 years and have made it to the level of consistent profits from their as well.

Now after so many years of hustle I finally have some time to pursue my long lost passion about writing. Currently the whole world is suffering from the Covid 19 disease. This gave me some time to ponder over my long lost passion. So immediately I started this blog because that this is the best time to start it.

In my blogs I will try to be as informative as possible to that it can help others.

I will be happy to receive any suggestions or feedbacks from my readers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever you may feel like.